Waterford Youth Lacrosse Association (WYLA) is dedicated to providing youth boys and girls of Waterford with a positive experience in Lacrosse. WYLA supports equal and fair play in providing the players with a fun and challenging opportunity to learn the
WYLA is committed to providing a high-quality lacrosse experience where equitable treatment of players and fundamental skill development take priority over winning and where every player feels like an important part of the team, learns life lessons of value beyond the field, and improves in the fundamental skills of lacrosse.
WYLA Apparel for the 2018 Season

This year WYLA will be offering the following apparel to the organization - Sweatpants, Sweatshirts, Hats, Tee Shirts, and Jackets.  All orders will be placed directly on the merchandise website.  Click on the link below to view all WYLA apparel.  We will have limited items at the concession stand.

Live Ordering Links:   https://lettermensp.tuosystems.com/stores/waterfordlax2018

The ordering window in which you can place your orders will be from
April 13 th until April 22nd with delivery being around May 21 st  

A few FAQs;

  1. Items run fairly true to size, there is a size chart by every item.
  2. All of the apparel has a fully embroidered WYLA logo except for the T-shirts that will be screen printed.
  3. DO NOT request any shipping … please check “pick up in store”.  All of the items will come in one shipment.  If you do choose a shipping option you will be changed $9 for it and you will not receive your items any quicker.
  4. You will need to set up an account with the vendor to place an order just like you would on any other website.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Kristen Huta at jhlax10@gmail.com


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Concession Stand - Volunteers


The Concession Stand will be open for all home games this year.  We ask that each family volunteer an hour to help support WYLA.  Please sign up on line - if you have High School students that would like to volunteer for hours they can sign up as well.

If you would like to bring a baked good to sell at the Concession Stand please drop it off on Sunday.  

Directions are listed below for signing up on line.  


How to sign up -- 

  1. Go to WWW.Waterfordyouthlacrosse.org
  2. Click on the tab that says Volunteer Opportunities
  3. Then Click on Concession Stand 
  4. Find the time that you would like to volunteer for 
  5. Click the sign up button 
  6. You will then be asked to sign in - you will use your log on information that you used to register your player(s).
  7. All of the buttons will now be green,  click on the sign up button again and you will be all set 


We appreciate all of the support from all of the WYLA families 


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End of the Year Jamboree Volunteers Needed

NECLAX would like to hold its annual end of the year jamboree this year.  To do so all towns have been asked to provide one representative that can help with the planning of the event.  If they do not get enough representation from the NECLAX towns there will be no end of the year jamboree for  the kids. 


You do not need to be a lacrosse expert to help out.  If you are interested in representing Waterford, please let us know by the end of the week.  Plese respond to 


Thank you for your help.



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Back Wolves Tickets

Tickets are available for the Black Wolves Game on Sunday April 29th, 5:00 pm vs The Georgia Swarm.  Starting at $15 a ticket.  

If you are interested tickets are available at the following link 


Ticket Link 

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US Lacrosse Number

A Few Additional Tips on Registering Relative to Your US Lacrosse Number
All players for the 2018 season will need a valid US Lacrosse number.  Each US Lacrosse number is only valid for one year and this will provide insurance coverage to the league. 

  1. Obtaining a US Lacrosse number is part of the registration process,
  2. When you come to this step (should be page 2) you will need to click on the button that says go to USA Lacrosse to obtain a membership.
  3. Your web browser will open a new window and you will be directed to US lacrosse, follow the steps to obtain a new or renew your current US Lacrosse number. 
  4. Once you have paid for your US Lacrosse membership, there will be a green button at the top of the page that says return to Waterford Lacrosse Website (This is a much clearer and easier process then it was last year).
  5. Click this button to return to the Waterford Lacrosse Website to complete the registration process.
  6. You will complete your registration process, and your US Lacrosse number will be automatically updated.

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Equiptment Guidelines

For the New players WYLA would like to provide guidelines on what is needed for Lacrosse Equipment

All Instructional players are encouraged to provide their own sticks.  WYLA does have sticks, helmets and goggles available for instructional players to use for the season, if players do not have their own.
All participants at the 10U – 14U level are responsible for supplying equipment and uniforms.  All participants without exception must wear all of the mandated equipment listed below.
Girls Mandatory Equipment (10U-14U):

  • Goggles
  • Stick
  • Mouthpiece
  • Cleats    

Girls Optional Equipment - Gloves and Stick Bag
Boys Mandatory Equipment (10U-14U):

  • Stick
  • Helmet
  • Shoulder pads
  • Arm pads / Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Mouthpiece (attached to helmet),
  • Cleats
  • Athletic supporter cup

Boys Optional Equipment - Equipment bag
Starter kits that contain a variety of the above items are available via the following links.  Please be sure you carefully review what equipment is in each kit as it varies from one package to another.  
Uniforms (10U-14U):
Game uniforms are required by all players and can be purchased from the Waterford Lacrosse Association.  
Any player NOT having the appropriate equipment will not be allowed to participate due to safety reasons.
Local Lacrosse Equipment Vendors
Lacrosse Unlimited- Madison, CT
Dicks Sporting Goods- Waterford, CT            www.dickssportinggoods.com

Online Retailers
Commonwealth Lacrosse                           www.comlax.com
Lacrosse World                                          www.laxworld.com
Lax.com                                                     www.lax.com
Lacrosse Monkey                                       www.lacrossemonkey.com

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WYLA Board Positions

To our Waterford Youth Lacrosse community:

Our WYLA Board plays a critical role in guiding the overall direction and philosophy of the youth lacrosse program in Waterford.  We are looking to fill several Board positions in order to ensure continuity of Waterford’s youth lacrosse program, and to bring fresh ideas and new energy to the Board.  If you would like to have a positive impact on youth sports and in the lives of children in our town, please consider applying for one of the following Board positions.  Previous lacrosse or Board experience is not required!  If interested, you will receive support and guidance from the Board to assist you during the transition.  For more information, or simply to discuss further, please contact:

Paul Deon – WYLA President, at pauldeon@sbcglobal.net

Fundraising Chairperson 

We are seeking an individual to take on the role of Fundraising Chairperson.  This individual sits on the WYLA Board of Directors.  Key responsibilities are outlined below.

  1. Work with fundraising volunteers to identify potential fundraising activities. 
  2. Bring forward recommended fundraising activities to the WYLA Board for approval.
  3. Organize and oversee fundraising volunteers and fundraising activities
  4. Provide periodic fundraising updates to the WYLA Board.


Board Administrator/Manager 

We are looking for an organized individual who can assist the WYLA Board of Directors as we look to grow the sport of youth lacrosse within the town of Waterford. The WYLA Board Administrator/Manager is critical to fostering effective communication and facilitating proper follow-through of Board actions and commitments.  This role is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Recommend, agree (in consultation with the Board President), and communicate agenda topics in advance of each Board meetings
  2. Capture action items and agreements resulting from Board meetings, and disseminate to Board members
  3. Ensure follow-through on Board actions and commitments
  4. Organize WYLA records (storing and retrieving documents)




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